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Welcome to the City of McMinnville Community Development Department. Our mission is to promote the orderly growth, development, and improvement of the city through development review, land use planning and regulations, transportation/infrastructure planning, the implementation of housing policies and programs, and to safeguard public health, property and welfare, by regulating the planning, construction and use of land and structures within the City of McMinnville.

Subdivision Regulations

The subdivision process is administered by the Planning Division.

Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development. Once land has been cut up into streets, lots, and blocks and publicly recorded, the correction of defects is costly and difficult. Subdivision of land sooner or later becomes a public responsibility, in that roads and streets must be maintained and various public services customary to urban areas must be provided. The welfare of the entire community is thereby affected in many important respects. It is therefore in the interest of the public, the developer, and the future owners that subdivisions be conceived, designed and developed in accordance with sound rules and proper minimum standards.

Our Subdivision Regulations guiding the McMinnville, Tennessee, Regional Planning Commission are designed to provide for the harmonious development of the regional area; to secure a coordinated layout and adequate provision for traffic, light, air, recreation, transportation, water, drainage, sewer, and other sanitary facilities.

Our Subdivision Regulations which include steps for navigating the process can be found HERE.

Zoning Enforcement

Through zoning, the city regulates building size, population density and the way land is used. Zoning is an instrumental tool for carrying out the city's planning policy.

Zoning is applied to preserve, protect and strengthen the city's neighborhoods. It implements the city's land use policies to protect the harmony and stability of residential and business areas. Zoning makes certain the requirements for a property are abided by, such as building setbacks, allowable signage and locations of accessory structures and rules of the Zoning Code are being adhered to.

We perform Zoning reviews of all plans including commercial, residential, industrial and miscellaneous permits such as signs, decks, fences, and pools. Courtesy meetings with homeowners, contractors, or developers may also be set up to discuss problems or to answer questions by calling 931.473.1204.

Our Zoning Code can be found HERE.

Building Permits

If you are considering improvements to your home or property, you should know that virtually every enhancement requires a building permit. Click HERE for more information. Before you build, please contact the Building Division at 931.473.1204.

We m
eet with new builders and contractors to discuss their projects and the department expectations as it pertains to the building code. Courtesy meetings with homeowners, contractors, or developers may also be set up to discuss problems or answer preconstruction questions.

A list of mandatory inspections for all types of construction is available by calling 931.473.1204.

Stormwater Management/MS4

The City of McMinnville is one of more than 85 Tennessee communities that has submitted a Notice of Intent (NOI) application to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) for coverage under the Tennessee phase II MS4 general storm water permit.

Under this permit, McMinnville has developed a program to manage the quality of storm water runoff from the storm water drainage system. Click HERE for more information.

Courtesy meetings with homeowners, contractors, or developers may be set up to discuss problems or to answer questions by calling 931.473.1204.

Property Maintenance

The City of McMinnville has adopted codes and ordinances that are intended to improve and protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. These ordinances seek to promote a desirable neighborhood living environment and preserve property values. You can contact the Property Maintenance Division at 931.473.1204 or click HERE if you have any questions or to report any violations in your neighborhood. Your report will be handled confidentially. 

We perform property standard inspections including but not limited to weeds, debris, exterior structures etc. Courtesy meetings may be set up to discuss problems or to answer questions by calling 931.473.1204.

Community Development Director Nolan Ming  
Building and Sign Inspector Stan Phillips   
Property Maintenance Inspector Chris Kleckner  
Administrative Assistant Rebecca Duncan